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Goodbye, Bruce Dawe

April 2, 2020


The wonderful Bruce Dawe has died, aged 90. One of my first pieces of published work, back in 1981, was a poem about Bruce Dawe: Summer Sellout. Many years later, 2007, I wrote an essay for The Age drawing parallels between Bruce Dawe and a popular musician: Life cycle, for Bruce Dawe and Paul Kelly.  […]

Double dipping

October 25, 2019


This is a very (very, very, very) light poem. It’s like raindrops in a sun shower. The words almost disappear before you’ve read them.   Every twelve hours If we could Sunrise and sunset Dawn and dusk Togs and towel Midday and midnight If you wish High noon and high moon Every twelve hours If […]

Bill Bailey’s nephews

September 21, 2019


Bill Bailey’s nephews   Bill Bailey’s two nephews Walk the streets Of the inner west Together Millers Road Mason Street Melbourne Road Bill Bailey’s nephews Wear their hair long The recession from their foreheads Sometimes hidden by caps One black One red Blackshaws Road Maddox Road The Avenue Mid-twenties Students? Out of work? Casual jobs? […]

Miss Communique

September 16, 2019


Miss Communique The wind shifts The smoke signal drifts Miss communique Dark clouds gather Rain on its way The storm Drowns out The beating of the drums The pigeon flaps Into bad weather Its instincts turn haywire Relay runners drop their batons The town-crier is crook Too hoarse to call The news of the fall […]