Write to Publish, a tertiary level text book co-written with my good friend Gina Perry, was published by Allen & Unwin in 1999.

Book cover for Write to Publish

Jacaranda Avenue, a collection of 30 previously published non-fiction stories, was self-published in 2003. The Age said of Jacaranda Avenue: ‘Maskell is no cappuccino columnist, easily excited by his own navel fluff: rather his preoccupation is with the domestic details that inform the spirit: the meaning of a corrugated-iron water tank, the secret message in the static of a transistor radio.  And while suburbia is usually synonymous with the banal, Maskell describes the fluidity of our lives within those safe streets..’

Jacaranda Avenue had a small print run of 400.

Book cover for Jacaranda Avenue

The Family Behind the Football by Syd Sherrin (Melbourne Books 2010) has some of Vin’s fingerprints. Vin was a guiding hand, helping Syd Sherrin pull together the original manuscript.

Book cover of Sherrin book

The 2008 edition of Best Australian Essays (Black Inc) includes My Brother’s Jumper, a story first published in The Big Issue.

Book cover for Best Australian Essays

The 2007, 2008,  2009 and 2012 editions of The Footy Almanac include a handful of Vin’s match reports, amongst nearly 200 others by dozens of  fellow writers and footy fans.

Almanac book covers

Footy Town, published in March 2013, includes my story A Beautiful Set of Numbers.

More details.

Cover of Footy Town bookAustralia’s Game is published by Slattery Media. (July 2013). It includes my story The Sherrin.

Book cover


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