Write to Publish, a tertiary level text book co-written with my good friend Gina Perry, was published by Allen & Unwin in 1999 and is still in print. It has been on the curriculum of several TAFE and university professional writing courses.

You’ll find more details at Allen & Unwin and at the Books For Collection blog.

Book cover for Write to Publish

Jacaranda Avenue, a collection of 30 previously published non-fiction stories, was self-published in 2003. The Age said of Jacaranda Avenue: ‘Maskell is no cappuccino columnist, easily excited by his own navel fluff: rather his preoccupation is with the domestic details that inform the spirit: the meaning of a corrugated-iron water tank, the secret message in the static of a transistor radio.  And while suburbia is usually synonymous with the banal, Maskell describes the fluidity of our lives within those safe streets..’

Jacaranda Avenue is available online by writing to

Book cover for Jacaranda Avenue

The Family Behind the Football by Syd Sherrin (Melbourne Books 2010) has some of Vin’s fingerprints. Vin was a guiding hand, helping Syd Sherrin pull together the original manuscript.

More details

Book cover of Sherrin book

The 2008 edition of Best Australian Essays (Black Inc) includes My Brother’s Jumper, a story first published in The Big Issue.

More details

Book cover for Best Australian Essays

The 2007, 2008,  2009 and 2012 editions of The Footy Almanac include a handful of Vin’s match reports, amongst nearly 200 others by dozens of  fellow writers and footy fans.

More details

Almanac book covers

Footy Town, published in March 2013, includes my story A Beautiful Set of Numbers.

More details.

Cover of Footy Town bookAustralia’s Game is published by Slattery Media. (July 2013). It includes my story The Sherrin.

Book cover


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