Accordion gig review

The not-just-footy website has just published a review of last week’s concert by the Accordion Orchestra of Melbourne.

The review begins:

There was a house-keeping announcement before this concert that could have de-railed the lovely evening: after reminders about the door-prize raffle,  tickets for the Christmas dinner, and the Orchestra’s CDs, the host paused.

“A few here may remember Peggy Monaghan. Well, we have some sad news about Peggy. She hadn’t heard from her son Jeremy for a week or so. Jeremy was found dead at his home. Our thoughts, then, are with Peggy and we wish her well…The concert will begin in a few minutes. Thanks to everyone who brought a plate. There ‘ll be supper at interval.”

The news was taken in its stride, and then the music began.

Visit for the full review

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