Keeping score

Bols scoreboard
Williamstown Ladies Bowls Club

Many thanks to The Big Issue, which has just published Keeping score, a light yarn about scoreboards.

You would think that having blogged weekly about scoreboards since February 2011 and having written a 3000 word piece for Footy Town back in January that I wouldn’t have much more to say about scoreboards.

But Big Issue editor Alan Attwood was curious and, knowing that he always looks after your stories, I was keen to see which angle I would take, and where that angle would take me. I opted for a breezy, confessional story.

Here’s an excerpt:

How did it come to this? How did my interest in scoreboards – old dilapidated scoreboards, for God’s sake – lead to the possibility of criminal charges?  It all started out so innocently.

You can read the full story in edition 437 (19 July – I August 2013), available for $6 from Big Issue vendors. Look for Cyndi Lauper on the cover.

Cover of The Big Issue


  1. Enjoyed your story in Big Issue, Vin – and well done for your efforts to preserve a little bit of the the past.

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