The DRS of Life

Posted on August 6, 2013


In Test cricket players can challenge the decision of the umpire. This is known as the Decision Review System, or DRS.

The DRS of Life

Got poor marks for your homework back in Grade Six?
Consult the DRS.

Sick of your big brother teasing you, your little sister getting her way?
Consult the DRS.

Still smarting over that girl who said No in Year 10?
SMS the DRS.

The milk a bit off the day before the use-by date?
The bananas too ripe, the tomatoes too soft?
Ring the DRS.

Disagree with that parking fine, that speeding ticket, that red-light camera?
Ask for the DRS.

Editor knocked back a story, publisher rejected a book proposal?
Send in the DRS.

Life dealing you a dud hand, life dealing you a good hand?
Text-message for the DRS.

Weather too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry, too windy, too still?
Whistle for the DRS.

Roads too straight, too narrow, too dusty, too busy?
Toot for the DRS.

The ball in by a mile, the ball out by a foot, the favourite get done by a good half-length?
Call for the DRS.

Fed up with interest rates, mortgage rates, council rates?
Request a DRS.

Reckon there’s more to life than passwords and user-names?
Log-in and tweet for a DRS.

Knocked back by St Peter at the Pearly Gates?
Pray for a DRS.

Sinking on a boat between Indonesia and Australia?
Beg for a DRS.


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