Best on Ground (preview)

The Big Issue has just published Best on Ground, a story about intellectual disability football. It’s a 1200-word feature story, as opposed to a personal piece. It quotes a coach, an umpire, a parent and a league president. Like my other footy stories, it’s not really about footy.  Photos are by Big Issue editor Alan Attwood.

Best on Ground is in edition 464 of The Big Issue (Peter Capaldi/Dr Who) on the cover. Available from street vendors for $6, until mid-August.

Here’s an extract:

Some players are fast.  Some lumber across the ground. S ome crash into packs with no fear of injury.  Some hold back, not keen on getting bumped or tackled.  And some players may not even know the forward line from the back line, the goal posts from the point posts.

Photo by Alan Attwood
Photo by Alan Attwood


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