Stereo and other Stories 2016

Greetings dear reader,

Creative conundrum: my busyness with Stereo Stories these past two years has run parallel with me writing less stories about the beach and the family and sport and suburbia.

Has the need to think about staging, lighting, guest performers, set lists, running sheets, public liability, social media and heavens know what else short-circuited thoughts of plot, character, imagery,and tone?

Maybe. Maybe not. As my older son said last night, perhaps it’s evolution.

So, come along to the next Stereo Stories gig if you can. It’s free and it’s in Geelong on Sunday 7 February. The 90 minute show kicks  off at 2pm sharp. Terrific venue: The High Ground at Geelong Library. Bookings online.

Rehearsing for our Geelong Library gig on Sunday 7 February. Hope to see you there.

Also, my next post here will be about a beach story, to be published in The Big Issue very soon.


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