Water talk

We stood talking in the water.
Waist deep. 6.30am. Saturday.
I’d just managed 100 metres in the shallows without drowning.
He was about to do an easy 1500. Probably more.
I was heading into shore.
He was heading into the deep.
We stood talking in the water.
Common humanity.
He farewelled me with ‘See you brother’, and started swimming.
I felt humbled, honoured.
I dried and dressed.
Took my time.
Saturday, after all.
Sun up.
Fishing boats out.
Kayakers. Kiosk.
Walkers. Joggers.
I strolled my bike past the clubrooms, looking into the sun.
He was silhouetted, walking into shore. Waist deep.
I raised an arm in farewell.
He waved back.
Common humanity.


  1. Sadly, common humanity doesn’t seem so common any more Vin.
    Maybe you early morning swimmers are a special breed?

  2. Lovely little poem Vin. That’s what it’s all about but it’s not like that any more … Now Saturday mornings are being ruined by a bully businessman setting up huge “Ocean Clinic” flags and an “Ocean Clinic” tent right on the sand, in front of the club. Then deploying branded swimming buoys in the water as if he owns the beach? That’s not what swimming is about and Williamstown Saturday swimmers are losing our beautiful peaceful experience because a big businessman wants to push us out and monetise what we have got.

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