Bill Bailey’s nephews

Bill Bailey’s two nephews
Walk the streets
Of the inner west

Millers Road
Mason Street
Melbourne Road

Bill Bailey’s nephews
Wear their hair long
The recession from their foreheads
Sometimes hidden by caps
One black
One red

Blackshaws Road
Maddox Road
The Avenue

No, older.

Out of work?
Casual jobs somewhere?

They wear
Black T shirts
Hard rock
Heavy rock
Prog rock

They wear
Black pants
Dark runners

They wear
Whispy beards
Not hipster
Not goatee like Bill
One ginger
One black

The red-head
Wears glasses

Hudson Road
Douglas Parade
The Esplanade


Do they know
Of Uncle Bill?
Of Manny in Black Books?
Of Bill’s birds
His comedy
His music?

For all I know
Bill Bailey
May not have nephews
Or even siblings

Stevedore Street
Civic Parade
Railway Place

Two men
Walk the streets
Of the inner west
Talking, smiling
Kindred spirits


  1. There are another couple of similar looking men who walk, talk and smile locally – always in deep conversation, but more middle-aged. Equally as fascinating – I think of them as Cheech and Chong, from the 60s and 70s.

  2. Nicely done, Vin! The geographic details (e.g. the street names) work particularly well, and give the piece a highly effective sense of movement – entirely apt, of course, for a poem in which the central characters are walking together.

  3. Yes Vin have often wondered what their story is. Seen them 100’s of times over the years. Always together, never alone. Maybe they are doing some ‘twitching’ on Bill’s behalf.

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