Talking table-tennis (preview)

August 23, 2019


The Big Issue has just published a fun piece about table-tennis, written a few months ago to work my way out of a creative drought. I am laying face-down on the physio bench talking table-tennis with the intern, Dan. (Or is it Dane, or Dean or Dave? It’s hard to put a face to a […]

The Moon story’s final orbit

July 25, 2019


So, dear Reader, my Moon landing story makes its final orbit. Written a month ago. Published in The Big Issue a fortnight ago. Broadcast, in shortened form as a letter/postcard, on ABC Radio a week ago. And now landing here on this little website in its orginal state.   LUNCHTIME. 21 July 1969. St Patricks’ […]

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The Moon and ABC Melbourne Radio

July 20, 2019


Sometimes a story heads in a different direction. I wrote 750 words for The Big Issue about the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. (I wasn’t even sure if I had more than a few sentences when I started, thinking I’d be lucky to get to 500 words.) I showed the story to Brian Nankervis, […]

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The Moon and the lazy eye (preview)

July 12, 2019


Dear Loyal Reader, ‘Am delighted to be part of The Big Issue’s Moon Landing 50th Anniversary Special, in the company of Alan Attwood, Uncle Wayne Thorpe, Michael Epis, and photographer Daniel Kordan. My little story? It starts like this: LUNCHTIME. 21 July 1969. St Patricks’ Primary School, Mentone. Victoria,  Australia, The Earth, The Milky Way, […]

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My Highs, My Lows

May 3, 2019


My Highs, My Lows was published in The Big Issue (Australia) #585 (18 April to 2 May 2019). I blame my older brothers for teaching me. I blame my parents for allowing me. I blame my wife for turning a blind eye. I blame my children for continuing the tradition. I do not blame myself […]

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My Highs, My Lows (preview)

April 18, 2019


The Big Issue has just published My Highs, My Lows – a light-hearted look at my life-long relationship with a certain cold chocolate beverage.

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