Meeting Mirka Mora

Reading recent news reports and obituaries of Melbourne artist Mirka Mora , who died in late August, aged 90, I came across some sentences that sounded familiar:

“It’s so funny that we have to die. It’s cruel but it’s terribly funny. You have all these dreams and you’ve got to leave everything. Mind you, in my grave I’ll take some brushes and paint. You never know!”

In 1990 I had the good fortune to interview Mirka Mora, for a series of short interviews I did for The Sunday Age.

I had done some background reading before meeting Mirka in her house in St Kilda. But such research could only glimpse the tip of the iceberg of her life. As soon as I stepped into her home I wondered how I could capture its charm, and her charm.

The quoted sentences above were from the end of my interview. Nice to know that some stories last.

Rest In Peace, Mirka Mora.

The Sunday Age, June 17, 1990

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