The Australian Reading Hour: All Things Must Pass

Thanks to Hobsons Bay Libraries, I am part of today’s Australian Reading Hour.

I’ve dipped my toe into the world of podcasts and recorded (on my very own phone!) a very short memoir. (Okay, you won’t be surprised that it’s a Stereo Story. Based on a George Harrison song.)

Four other writers from Hobsons Bay have recorded stories too. Have a listen, folks.



  1. Hi Vin,

    What a great initiative by Hob’s Bay.

    It really is a very moving, & at the same time strangely comforting story Vin. The way you use the story of your youngest son to weave the tale of loss & sadness through music. I am left with the feeling, thanks to George Harrison’s beautiful lyrics & intention, that there is comfort in being part of something bigger than ourselves, a kind of grand cyclic, ever forward-moving process. The story & song offer each other support as well as the reader – & hopefully the author.

    I was honoured to sing it’s title song at Albury & hope to get that opportunity again. Thanks for trusting me with it. I was in two minds about the energy to give it when I sang it – sadness & loss or hope. I chose hope & warmth as I think it befits the message & ideally leaves the audience feeling the same.



    • ‘Hope and warmth’ – that’s ultimately what it’s all about, eh? By the by, I only happened upon this Hobs Bay initiative by chance – an acquaintance at Willi Library mentioned it in passing.(So to speak.) Initially I didn’t want to do a Stereo Story (maybe a Jacaranda Avenue story. 13 Pegs) but I needed to keep working on All Things for Albury. And, yep, I’m hoping we can do it again with your singing, and Peter’s slide guitar, and Nils’ rhythm guitar, and Julie’s accordion.

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