The Moon and the lazy eye (preview)

Dear Loyal Reader,

‘Am delighted to be part of The Big Issue’s Moon Landing 50th Anniversary Special, in the company of Alan Attwood, Uncle Wayne Thorpe, Michael Epis, and photographer Daniel Kordan.

My little story? It starts like this:

LUNCHTIME. 21 July 1969. St Patricks’ Primary School, Mentone. Victoria,  Australia, The Earth, The Milky Way, The Solar System, The Universe.

There was a TV.

Edition 591 of The Big Issue now available from street vendors.


There is also a strong chance a shorter version of the story will be be broadcast on ABC Radio Melbourne on Friday afternoon 19 July, on The Friday Revue. Stay tuned. So to speak.



    • Thanks. I didn’t think I had a moon landing story in me, until the Big Issue editor asked. Even then, I said, “Well, I see what I can do…” And then, as you know, you start putting one word after another, after another…

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