The Moon and ABC Melbourne Radio

Posted on July 20, 2019


Sometimes a story heads in a different direction.

I wrote 750 words for The Big Issue about the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. (I wasn’t even sure if I had more than a few sentences when I started, thinking I’d be lucky to get to 500 words.)

I showed the story to Brian Nankervis, co-host of The Friday Revue (ABC Radio Melbourne), thinking it might be suitable for his Melbourne Postcard series.

He said, “We’ll need to edit down.  To less than four minutes.”

I sent him 670 words.

He sent me 470 words. (And I didn’t even blink. The essence of the story was still there.)

He said, “It’s a postcard. You need to address it to someone.”

So I started the story now with “Dear Bill…”   A schoolmate from 50 years ago who was part of the original story.

Brian said, “I’ve got an actor mate whom I’ll ask to narrate it.”

I said, “Sure.”

Sometimes a story heads in a different direction.

Have a listen, folks: Melbourne Postcard The Friday Revue, 19 July 2019.



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