Avenue of jacaranda

Stray Pages has just published Double Violet Continued, a series of 72 grid-style artworks by my daughter Hannah Maskell. The title refers to the horizontal violet line that runs across every piece and therefore throughout the book.

In an Instagram post celebrating the release of the book a week ago, Hannah wrote – amongst other generous and thoughtful words – ‘This is my avenue of jacaranda’. It is a reference to my little book from 2003, Jacaranda Avenue, which Hannah illustrated with black and white pencil drawing of suburbia and domestic life. She was 13 years old, just starting high school. Hannah has since studied art, had several exhibitions, and now a book of her own.

By coincidence or serendipity or fate I was tidying up my study just the other day and came across, much to my surprise, a box of spare copies of Jacaranda Avenue. Mint condition! I didn’t think I had any left from all those years ago.

Hannah’s book is available for $30 plus postage via Stray Pages.

And mine? Drop me a line, if you wish.

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