Six men

Six men walking
Beach footpath
Six thirty

Shorts, caps
Old sports tops
Sun rising behind
Six men walking

Past the oval
(their oval
their home ground)
Past the rotunda
The restaurant
The playground
The bench seats

Bluestone and beach
on one side
Hedges and houses
the other

Two lines
Three across
Friends in formation
Six men walking

They would have been
The best backline in the business
The best slips cordon in the game
Six men playing
Long ago

Six men turning
Into the kiosk corner
Facing the water

Not much talking
But remembering
A mate
Every morning

Six men walking

For a first-hand description, see The Williamstown Walkers



  1. “Remembering
    A mate
    Every morning”
    I suspect there are many men walking every morning, afternoon or evening, remembering a mate.

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