ocean rode (2)/Hope pedals

For W.I.

Hope pedals
four years into
the seventh decade
Great Ocean Road
Sun rising

Fairhaven incline
Heading west

A lycra rider
Not a word
On my right shoulder

Braided blonde ponytail
Down her lycra back

I change gears
Years, decades, too late
Lycra disappears
Over the hill
And far away

I catch breath
On the Fairhaven crest
Gaze upon
Endless aeons
of ocean

See also: ocean rode (1)



  1. Hi Vin.
    Dedicated to me?? 🙏🥹🤔
    Hope springs up again!
    I love you reference to changing gears decades too late.
    Great work. Like that photo.
    Moggs trip for me when we can soon.

    Sent from my iPhone

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